Saturday, September 10, 2011

Lost Ducklings

Yesterday I heard a commotion in the forest behind us. There was quacking and cheeping and crows. I saw a crow fly off with a ducking in its beak and managed to chase the other one away. The ducklings then walked past my feet, across the lawn and down the side of the house. As they got to the front of the house Mum and Dad duck came around and they all met up again with much ado.

The two crows were still trying to attack them so I had to chase them away as they walked along our firebreak, heading towards the creek, about 1km away. I had to leave them as they left our property. I hope they made it ok.  These are wood ducks that nest in hollows in the trees on the property behind us. The ducklings drop down and then have to make their way to the water.

6 well camouflaged ducklings coming out of the forest.

Heading in the right direction. They wait for each other as they go.

Mum and Dad Duck reunited with their children. Unfortunately at least one has already been taken by the crows. Bella was very good and did not chase them.

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