Sunday, August 21, 2011

Laurance Vineyard

Had lunch at Laurance Estate today (the one with the chick on a stick). Very pleasant lasagna and Pam had a
Turkish chicken sandwich.  Their wine tasting is a bit odd as they charge $9 for 6 tasting glasses, which are on a tray which you take to a table and sip while you read the tasting notes.  Overall a good experience as you can compare at your leisure. However, the tasting notes are not very detailed and you don't get that exchange with cellar staff about the various qualities in the wine.  It think it works for Laurance as their wines are expensive so they recoup some of the tasting costs from the many lookers but not buyers. I'm glad none of the other wineries use this method as I prefer the personal touch. Still a very lovely setting. It was raining so poor Bella was not allowed out.

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