Sunday, June 19, 2011

Photos of Bella, our Labradoodle

Bella certainly attracts a lot of attention.

Stephanie and family had a great time keeping her amused.

Mum tried to hold her but Bella thought that enough was enough.

Darren and Christine had to work hard to catch her in this pose, as she is immediately distracted by a stick or honkey nut.

Jeff and Eileen also took a shine to her.

Life is settling into quite a routine for Bella now.

In the morning, she sees jumps onto our bed and gives Pam a good morning kiss, then she hangs around in the bathroom while I have a shower.  She then sees it as her duty to disrupt me while I am setting up the lounge for breakfast by constantly bringing me balls and tugs. Then she waits by the hallway and greets the guests as they come down for breakfast.  We prefer that she leaves the guests alone during breakfast but she sneaks in to show off every now and then.

She then hangs around during cleaning up time as there are always some scraps and milk for her. She then follows either Pam or me if we are doing anything interesting, otherwise she flops near us and goes to sleep.  From 3.00pm she is at the front entrance waiting for new guests to arrive so that she can greet them. Then from 4.30pm she pesters me until I give in and we go for a walk about 5pm.  She loves to race along the sandy fire breaks and sniff where kangaroos have passed. We often see a kangaroo and she loves to chase them so it takes a bit of yelling to get her to stop and return to me.  She is getting better so there is some hope there.

We then have to have a game of ball or chasey when we get home.  She begrudgingly lets us get on and have our dinner, but will let us know that it is her turn for dinner as soon as we have finished.  After her dinner, she pesters me with balls and tugs until I sit on the ground in the lounge and have another game of pulling and throwing the tug.  Finally she relents and allows me to watch a bit of TV, but will still bring me her tug every now and then, just in case I give in and throw it.  I usually then go to my office, where Bella will wait and greet each guest as they return from dinner.

Pam then calls Bella, and she hops onto our bed and enjoys the comfort of our doona.  Finally, when I go to bed, I have to pick her up, take her outside for a bit, then pop her into her bed in the laundry.  I have to make sure her bowl of kibbles is full, as she likes to have a midnight snack as well.  What a dogs life.

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