Sunday, May 29, 2011

Hayshed Hill

Went to Hayshed Hill for lunch yesterday. It is a lovely relaxed setting with a great view over the vineyard.  Their wines are very pleasant. Pam really liked their chardonnays, especially from Block 6. This surprised her very much as she for a long time hated chardonnays as they were too oaky. I enjoyed a Shiraz Tempranillo so much that I bought an extra couple of bottles.

Pam had a French Onion Soup and I had a pizza from a menu designed to be light. Both serves were excellent. The place was quite busy but still very relaxed. So relaxed in fact that we went back to the cellar door, bought our wines, and then left without paying our bill for the meal. Fortunately they had remembered we were from Loaring Place B&B and called me later and I was able to apologise and give them my card details over the phone.

Also went to the Margaret River Chocolate Factory as that was close by to Hayshed Hill.  Very decadent and seductive. They have tastings of their chocolates but they still made a handsome profit as Pam bought some macadamias coated in chocolate (of course) and she bought me some Buderim ginger coated in dark chocolate (also very nice).  A great day. Not so for Bella as she got car sick and had to sit on Pam's lap on the way back.

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