Sunday, November 22, 2009

Peacetree Pineau to die for

Jane Tucker from Peacetree Estate produces some marvelous preservative-free wines that we all love. We bought 1 1/2 cases of SSB, a case of 05 Cab Merlot, a case of 04 Shiraz and a case of 2008 Tempranillo. The Tempranillo has just been released, and she reluctantly let me have a case, as that represented 1/30th of her stock. It was only on the promise that I would put most of it down for a few years, that she let me have it. It is a beautifully complex wine with the characteristic fruity flavour that I so love.

But she has just bottled a Pineau, A white wine with 2 year old brandy and aged in oak. It is real heaven in a glass. We could only have a taste as the bottles had not been labelled, but as soon as they are ready, we are going to get a couple of bottles. The wine makes a beautiful apperitif (22% alcohol) and has an amazing balance of sweetness and acidity, with a subtle butterscotch flavour.

Jane, Pam and Jo, with Jo carrying her stock of SSB

The empty barrel and two demijohns filled to the top with Pineau. These will be placed in a sunny spot to "mature" in a "traditional" way for a year. Seems an awful lot of good liquer to go to waste if the experiment fails?

Jane in her winery is an absolutely enthusiastic wine maker. Their 2009 stock is rapidly running out, so you better get in quick if you want any. The entire bottling of the 09 Pineau is on the right, waiting to be labelled and boxed. That definitely will not last long. Order at
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