Monday, June 15, 2009

Corporate Accommodation

We are getting more reps staying with us as we become better known. They are wanting a more peaceful setting which they don't get from the B&Bs in town. They also like the wireless internet facility. For any reps wanting a corporate rate they should read the following.

Hi Marcus,

Confirming what I said this morning, we are happy to offer a corporate discount to any reps within your organisation.

All that is required is for them to book via the booking button on our website, where they can see the rates and availability.

They need then to complete the booking with their credit card at the prices shown. I process the payments manually, but if they write in the comments section “CORPORATE RATE REQUESTED” with their company name, I will deduct the discount before processing the payment.

I will be shortly instituting a surcharge for the different credit cards with an option for direct transfer. That will be shown in the Terms and Conditions on the Booking Button page. If an invoice is required with bank transfer details, that can also be requested.

The direct link to the booking button is :


Dirk Hos

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