Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Our honeymooners Roger and Janet have left after 2 nights.  I had planned on giving them a bottle of cheap bubbly that I keep in the fridge but on discovering they had been living together for 15 years and had already been in Broome for a week, I thought that I would keep it for a more virginal couple.  Luckily I did because I then discovered they lived in the Barossa area and so probably would have been insulted with the cheap bubbly.  They certainly enjoyed themselved and thought the Settlers Tavern was just right for their meals.

A couple from Charleston in deep South Carolina left early today to go surfing on their way back to Perth.  I cooked them a pizza as I do for all guests who stay 3 nights and book through the visitor centre. 

Andre and Rachel left to go to Cape Naturaliste on their way back to Perth.  They loved Jewel Cave and the Berry Farm having a late lunch there at 4.00pm.

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