Friday, April 10, 2009

Good Friday

Good Friday has come and gone. Restaurants packed with one couple in Augusta waiting an hour for fish and chips and at Prevelly, Sea Gardens was run off its feet. One couple said it was bad, the other said it was interestin.

Sydney couple for one night realising they have to come again to see everything. They did Augusta and some things on the way up but missed a lot.  She loved the omelette and wanted to take the chef back home with her but when told it was me, hubby thought otherwise.

Went kayaking for two hours up the Margaret River.  It is such an amazing place. Absolutely beautiful. Casey came with me and after some initial apprehension settled down and enjoyed the scenery and smells as well.  It did not help that she fell out when being put in initially. She just slid off the side in slow motion and paddled to shore.  Pam then found a hole in the mud at the bank of the river as she was helping me put Casey in again and get going.  The water was almost up to her crutch.  It took her 5 minutes to get out as she was laughing so much as her boot (crocks) was staying down there.

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