Monday, April 27, 2009

Anzac Day

Big Anzac Day weekend. On Saturday I went into Margaret River at 11am and watched the Anzac Parade go down the hill and to the Memorial Park, led by a brass band. Quite a large contingent of veterans with several in two cars. We were able to get a seat and enjoyed the service. The wreath laying was particularly poignant and the band played some lovely music.

My son James, daughter-in-law Lindy and granddaughter Camilla arrived and we had dim sum lunch at Rasa's in town. Sunday we were going to have lunch at the Colonial Brewing Co. but were told it would be 50 minutes before we could be served, we went to the Berry Farm and had strawberry champagne with a very lovely meal in a beautiful garden setting. Camilla had a wonderful time here and learnt several new words including Casey (the house dog) and Chooks.

Lots of guests coming and going over the weekend. Craig and partner went to a wedding in Busselton then to the reception at Clairault, they thought it was absolutely wonderful. The bride came several days before and left a bottle of champagne for them to enjoy.

Mary and Martin, a lovely pair of refugees from South Africa had a great time here. They are also refugees from Hopetoun but seem to be picking themselves up again which is great.

Mitch and Nichola are also refugees but from Kiwiland. They loved the caves and Cape Leeuwin and the drive back up to the Berry Farm. Nichola had her palate so affected by the licquers that she was unable to taste the jams. What a pity ;)

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