Thursday, April 30, 2009

Gerad & Taryn, Johannesburg, SA, 01/05/09. Your B&B has a fantastic setting! Thank you for the wonderful food and great hospitality. [A kangaroo hopped out of the bush and had a look at them while they were having breakfast this morning]


Gerard and Taryn left to fly back to Joannesburg tonight. They had booked in for only one night and were going to go to Pemberton but decided to stay another night and see more of the region. 

Had a mens only pizza night last night while the girls went to a quiz night. Terry brought a Stella Bella 06 Tempranillo which is lovely and fruity, we then moved on to Vasse Felix 08 Tempanillo which  is smoother and then Thornhill 07 Tempranillo which was so good I had to open another bottle. I could a couple of pizzas which went down well, and then Terry and Graham rounded off the evening with a glass of port. 

About this time we got a desparate call from the girls that they had been abandoned in town as Pam had shot off home without them. Sure enough 5 minutes later Pam arrived and realised her mistake, so she had to fly back into town and pick them up. All the girls were very cold by this stage as the temperature had really dropped (4 deg this morning) and they quickly poured Graham and Terry into the car for their drive back to Augusta.  

Pam made me sleep in the spare room which was a good thing as I woke up at 1.30 and had a technicolour yawn and then snored so much I have a sore throat this morning on top of my headache.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Keith & Irina, Brighton, Victoria, 29/4/09. Very Classy set-up. A unique experience in Margaret River. Thanks for the special breakfast. We enjoyed our stay very much. Will recommend.
Keith and Irena left after a two day stay. They had driven around the town and not liked the look of anything there and then went to Prevelly and again could not find anything to their liking, and had then seen our place on the map. So they drove in about 5.00pm and asked if we had a room. Keith is a vegan and doesn't eat eggs, so Rocksand cooked him some mushrooms and onions, with a grilled tomato and of course our special beans.

They obviously liked what they saw and the next day decided to stay another night. They visited lots of wineries plus the chocolate factory, nut factory and had an early dinner at the Providore which they said was very good, and then watched the sun set at Gracetown (which they thought was rather special -both the location and the sunset). They spent every evening nearly till midnight in the lounge watching their favourite soaps on the big tv. They did enjoy talking and it wasn't until 12pm when we all went to sleep.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Anzac Day

Big Anzac Day weekend. On Saturday I went into Margaret River at 11am and watched the Anzac Parade go down the hill and to the Memorial Park, led by a brass band. Quite a large contingent of veterans with several in two cars. We were able to get a seat and enjoyed the service. The wreath laying was particularly poignant and the band played some lovely music.

My son James, daughter-in-law Lindy and granddaughter Camilla arrived and we had dim sum lunch at Rasa's in town. Sunday we were going to have lunch at the Colonial Brewing Co. but were told it would be 50 minutes before we could be served, we went to the Berry Farm and had strawberry champagne with a very lovely meal in a beautiful garden setting. Camilla had a wonderful time here and learnt several new words including Casey (the house dog) and Chooks.

Lots of guests coming and going over the weekend. Craig and partner went to a wedding in Busselton then to the reception at Clairault, they thought it was absolutely wonderful. The bride came several days before and left a bottle of champagne for them to enjoy.

Mary and Martin, a lovely pair of refugees from South Africa had a great time here. They are also refugees from Hopetoun but seem to be picking themselves up again which is great.

Mitch and Nichola are also refugees but from Kiwiland. They loved the caves and Cape Leeuwin and the drive back up to the Berry Farm. Nichola had her palate so affected by the licquers that she was unable to taste the jams. What a pity ;)
Nichola & Mitchell, Brydon, 28/4/09, Thank you very much for your lovely hospitality. We had a great experience. See you again soon.

Martin & Mary, 26/4/09. We really enjoyed our stay. What a great location! We loved your dogs!!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Misty Morning

On the 19th there was a lovely misty morning, quite unusual. A foretaste of winter perhaps.

Friday, April 24, 2009


There are quite a few of these spiders with webs between trees in the forest, usually over kangaroo pads and firebreaks. Finding their daytime hideout is always a challenge. They need to hide well as there are lots of big wasps about that would quickly turn it into breakfast for their larvae.

Rocksand, our B&B assistant has walked into the web of this spider twice now as it is across the path she takes when she walks to here in the mornings. She says the web is very strong and sticky, like some alien has sprayed her with a web and is about to capture her.
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Ben left early this morning to go back to Victoria after spending a week with us. He spent a lot of time contemplating and reading and visited quite a lot of the area, driving to Pemberton and looking at galleries in the region. He was also a "bit of a teetotaller" so did not visit any of the wineries.  Next month he will join a monastery so this was his last indulgence for a while.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Kwarn & Family, KL & Perth, 24/4/09. You have a great place and have offered us great service. The bathroomis impressive and breakfast superb.  Will surely come again in the future.
Tony and Jay from Brisbane left this morning staying one night, doing the Leeuwin-Berry Farm tour before coming back up to visit Cowaramup and head back to their daughter's place in Perth.  Their daughter has a really old Merc (pre-airbag that is) but it is in great nick and perfect for Mum and Dad to toodle around the countryside.

Kwarn and daughter Christine from KL watched Quantum of Solace til midnight on the big screen in the lounge and really enjoyed the sound system, while Mum slept in the Cowaramup room. We have a foldaway bed that fits nicely in the room for when a third person is booked in.
Penny & Ric, Moss Vale, NSW, 23/4/09. Thank you for a wonderful stay. You live in one of the most amazing locations. We are so glad to have found your fantastic B&B. Thanks for making us so welcome.
Pam had a book club meeting here today so she was very busy yesterday and this morning preparing a morning tea and then a lunch.  Fortunately we had Rocksand helping out.  So I've had beautiful Anzac biscuits, muffins, red onion pie and green eggs and ham quiche for lunch.

Rick and Penny spent 2 days here and came back exhausted each evening.  Pauline (Debby's Mum) and Walter had a relaxing time here as well.  They found the northern end of the Boranup Drive had been blocked by a fallen tree but they were determined to see the forest so they drove up from the southern end for a while and then went back.  They said the drive was worth it, even though the road was a bit rough for his beemer.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Completed planting lawn runners for the back lawn. Had 2mm rain last night which is just what the runners need.  Unfortunately not much more rain likely for a week or so.

Have 2 couples and a single guy staying, with everybody up early, but it makes for a merry breakfast.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Sam and Lai, Sussex, 21/4/09. The stay was fantastic, It was nice to be welcomed into your home and your friendly nature was excellent.

Jen & Peter, Cornwall, England, 21/4/09. A most enoyable but brief stay.  Must be repeated. Very many thanks.

Megan & Laurance, Lake Macquarie and Sydney, 21/4/09. So pleased we "found" you. Enjoyed the tranquillity and your hospitality. 
Three couples leaving today. Megan and Lawrence from Sydney/Tasmania enjoyed following their nose on the way to Cape Leeuwin, so much so that they missed seeing the turnoffs for Lake Cave, Boranup Drive and Jewel Cave. Their excuse was they have been used to doing 300-500km a day on their trek down from Darwin and to Broome and so don't notice the side roads any more. Atleast they made it to the Berry Farm.

Sam is from Perth but living in Sussex. Managed to leave his child with Mum in Mandurah and show his partner a bit of the region. 

Yesterday Pam and I planted out runners to replace the lawn that I had killed. Still got another large area to do today.  Fortunately the edges of the lawn that had not died had grown lots of runners for us to use.

Irene and Clement from Seattle and Singapore were very reluctant to leave yesterday after only one day. Now they know how good the area is, they will be back. Irene couldn't escape the office and spent an hour on Skype. 

Saturday, April 18, 2009

The fisherman from Ledge Point left this morning.  He caught a few gardies and herring yesterday.  The journalist and the photographer couple left today also.  They did the Cape Leeuwin-Berry Farm itinerary yesterday and had a great day.

Yesterday Pam and I went to the Margaret River Region Wine Festival tasting event at Leeuwin Estate.  Huge number of wines to taste and we had some lovely Thai beef and noodles prepared by Knee Deep. I concentrated on merlot and petit verdot. No tempanillo on show and a few forgetable pinot noirs. Found a great merlot but soon forgot which winery stall it was from. Had to drive back so was unable to go and find it again as would have needed to taste 5 stalls again and that would have tipped me over the edge. Music and venue was great.

Boranup Karri Forest

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Friday, April 17, 2009

Brett & Kate, 17/04/09. Thank you very much for making this part of our honeymoon a great experience. Our stay here has made our time in Margaret River fantastic. Thanks for everything.
Brett and Kate, honemooners from Brisbane left after 2 nights, would have liked to stay longer but we did not have the room. They were going on to Augusta but first were going to the MR wine festival at Leeuwin Estate.  Yesterday they went on a wine tour and thought that was great. All the people in the bus went back into town and had dinner at Settlers.

Ishai and Anya left after 3 days. Yesterday they did the Augusta itinerary and thought the Blackwood Meadery was very good.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Eddy and Karan left after escaping from accommodation in town.  The town area was very busy due to the festival this weekend.  They wanted somewhere peaceful to recover from after having to put their much loved dog down.  Casey provided much needed support and even Eske chipped in and got a big cuddle and scratch.  However, Karan still had some way to go as she was very broken up over the loss.  I can sympathise as it is not fun losing a dog that has been part of your life for such a long time.

Pam and I went into Margaret River at 5.30 as the main street had been closed for the opening festival of the Margaret River Region Wine Festival.  There were quite a few stalls and things for kids to do.  Wine tasting was going on in the two pubs but they were too crowded for our liking, so we went to the Visitors Centre and Celestial Bay were holding tastings.  Their 2006 Petit Verdot was brilliant.  We then went to Winos for dinner and the only Petit Verdot they had was a Spanish Auroch so I got a bottle of that.  It was very good also.  I might just have found my favourite wine.

Pam had backstrap of lamb which she said was the best lamb she had ever had, and I had barramundi which was good, but I find appertiser-sized meals without veges non-satisfying.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Rach & Dre, 16/4/09. Wow. What a fantastic spot!  Thank you so much for making our stay in MR so wonderful. We absolutely love the peaceful surroundings, the food was just delicious & all your generous help creating an itinerary was very much appreciated!  We had an awesome time!  Thanks again.


Our honeymooners Roger and Janet have left after 2 nights.  I had planned on giving them a bottle of cheap bubbly that I keep in the fridge but on discovering they had been living together for 15 years and had already been in Broome for a week, I thought that I would keep it for a more virginal couple.  Luckily I did because I then discovered they lived in the Barossa area and so probably would have been insulted with the cheap bubbly.  They certainly enjoyed themselved and thought the Settlers Tavern was just right for their meals.

A couple from Charleston in deep South Carolina left early today to go surfing on their way back to Perth.  I cooked them a pizza as I do for all guests who stay 3 nights and book through the visitor centre. 

Andre and Rachel left to go to Cape Naturaliste on their way back to Perth.  They loved Jewel Cave and the Berry Farm having a late lunch there at 4.00pm.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Gary & Sian, 14/4/09.  A lovely spot and B&B truly lived up to expectations. Slept well in peaceful surroundings and breakfast delicious. Couldn't leave the muffins alone! More than home from home. Everything and more!
Phillip and partner have taken a bus tour today. Yesterday they went on our Leeuwin drive and enjoyed that.

Had an architect stay last night and they were full of praise, which is nice to receive. 

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Clare, Tony & Jack, 13/4/09.  We have had a wonderful relaxing few days away. You have made us feel very welcome and the home cooked food was delicious. We've enjoyed playing Trivial Pursuits and relaxing in the spa bath. A perfect get away. Thank you, we will be back for more. "The Knitting Lady"
Busy time this Easter so have employed Rocksand to help out in the kitchen and the rooms. She is great and getting to know our system very rapidly.

Clare, Tony and young Jack with a broken shoulder bone left after two days. Clare is a knitter which Pam immediately found interesting.

Renae barbequed some squid for her and her partner.  She had brought the spicy flour and plates and even scissors to cut the squid.  She had made too much so Pam and I had calamari entre and then BBQ steak.  

Jo did lunch at Kiss-Chasey, briefly looked down at the silly little 18 year olds at Caves House and chilled out at a house in Eagle Bay with her friends.

My raisin bread has been a hit with everyone. 

Finished a batch of KG-15 from India.  Has gone into a funny lacustrine sequence so will have to look at it with the UV.

Richard next door had problems with his pump and tank system again.  Discovered someone had trodden on the pump power cord pulling it out of the socket.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Good Friday

Good Friday has come and gone. Restaurants packed with one couple in Augusta waiting an hour for fish and chips and at Prevelly, Sea Gardens was run off its feet. One couple said it was bad, the other said it was interestin.

Sydney couple for one night realising they have to come again to see everything. They did Augusta and some things on the way up but missed a lot.  She loved the omelette and wanted to take the chef back home with her but when told it was me, hubby thought otherwise.

Went kayaking for two hours up the Margaret River.  It is such an amazing place. Absolutely beautiful. Casey came with me and after some initial apprehension settled down and enjoyed the scenery and smells as well.  It did not help that she fell out when being put in initially. She just slid off the side in slow motion and paddled to shore.  Pam then found a hole in the mud at the bank of the river as she was helping me put Casey in again and get going.  The water was almost up to her crutch.  It took her 5 minutes to get out as she was laughing so much as her boot (crocks) was staying down there.
Jacky & Andrew [alias 'Jardu - The Magic of India'], 10/4/09. Thankyou folks!! We have thoroughly enjoyed our stay at your b&b. We chose it from the web & feel very lucky with our choice!  The space here is just delightful - building is beautiful, as is the setting, your hospitality made us all feel very comfortable & the home-cooked food was a real treat!  Do hope all goes well with the whole enterprise! (including the lawns!). All the best!
Ian & Yvonne, 10/4/09. We really enjoyed our stay at your fantastic B&B. Your rooms are really 5 star and spa was relaxing, complimented by a great breakfast.  We will certainly recommend it to our family and friends. Thanks for everything. Best regards.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Ian and Yvonne loved the Augusta bakery and enjoyed the country side.  Before they left they wrote down the colours used in our lounge room.

Andrew (aka Jardu) and Jacky found it very difficult to leave this morning but he had to get ready for his snake charming in Freo this weekend.

Krzys and Carolina got up at 9:45, nearly missing out on breakfast. I took pity on them and cooked them a scrambled egg.

Pam and Jo have taken the kayak to paddle up Margaret River this afternoon as it is quite hot.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Ian & Evonne, Andrew & Jacky and Kryz and Carolina said they had a great breakfast and Ian and Kryz decided to stay another night. Sent them all down to Augusta for the day. It will be interesting to hear there stories tonight. Ian and Evonne went to Pinnocchios, Andrew went to Settlers and Kryz and Carolina went to Devine last night. All very happy with their meals.

Rheannan and Michael, 5/4/09. Thankyou so much for a beautiful weekend. The room was beautiful and the spa was amazing. And the breakfast and service was exceptional. The setting, ambience and atmosphere were absolute perfection. Wold love to come for longer. Made to feel very welcome. Thanks Dirk. [loveheart], [xxx and smiley] . 
Thank you so much for a wonderful stay. We had a delighful time in such a beautiful setting. Our room was fabulous. Regards, Janet and Paul, 3/4/09.

Always a first step

A small step for Loaring Place - a giant step for the bloggosphere?

Drove back from Boyup Brook to Margaret River via Bridgetown, Nannup and Mowen Rd this morning.  It was good to spend a bit of time with my Mum and sister.

Beautiful countryside, weather brilliant, Casey enjoying watching the countryside slide past, especially when cows are in the paddocks. 

Three couples tonight so busy day tomorrow.